xSQL Schema Compare SDK for SQL Server version 12

xSQL Schema Compare SDK is implemented as a set of .NET assemblies compiled for .NET framework 4.6. The SDK samples are built and compiled on Visual Studio 2015.

To use the SDK assemblies, add the following references in your project:

SDK assemblies are registered during the installation, so that Visual Studio will show them in the Add References dialog box without you having to browse for them. If you need to add them manually, the assembly files are located in the folder: \Program Files (x86)\xSQL Software\Schema Compare SDK\Bin.


Supported SQL Server Versions

xSQL Schema Compare SDK supports all SQL Server versions, including the latest Microsoft Azure SQL Databases.



Schema Compare SDK can be used without a license for a 15-day trial period. The trial begins at the time of installation. During the trial the SDK is fully functional. However, you cannot deploy your application while the SDK is in trial mode. If you wish to extend the trial period, please contact us at support@xsql.com

If you have a license, you must register it in your code in order to remove the Trial limitations. Please refer to the topic Licensing Schema Compare SDK for more information on registering a license.



For every licensed copy of xSQL Schema Compare SDK you may distribute an unlimited number of the xSQL Schema Compare SDK run time library, only within one legal entity. You may not distribute the accompanying documentation, samples and any other materials that you may have received as part of the package.