xSQL Schema Compare SDK for SQL Server version 12
xSQL.Schema.Core Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassCollectionBase<TItem> Represents the base class for a collection of Entity elements.
ClassCollectionDictionaryBase<TItem> Provides the base class for a collection-dictionary of Entity elements.
ClassConnectionException Represents the exception that is thrown when the connection to the database fails.
ClassEntity Represents the base class for a database entity such as table, view, procedure.
ClassEntityEventArgs<T> A generic class that provides data for schema events. Events that provides data via this class support cancelation.
ClassErrorRepositoryBase The base class for storing and logging errors.
ClassKeyedCollectionBase<TKey,TItem> Provides the base class for collection of elements the key of which is embedded in the element.
ClassLicenseException Represents an exception that is thrown when license validation fails.
ClassOperationMessage Provides the descriptive message for a schema event.
ClassOperationMessageCollection Represents a collection of OperationMessage elements.
ClassSchemaOperationEventArgs Provides data for the generic event that is raised during the schema read operations.
ClassSnapshotException Represents the exception that is thrown when working with database snapshots.
ClassSnapshotOperationEventArgs Provides data to the event that is raised when the database snapshot is created.
ClassUnsupportedVersionException Represents the exception that is thrown when the database version is not supported by the API.
InterfaceIKeyedEntity<T> Exposes the key for a class that intends to use the KeyedCollectionBase<TKey,TItem> dictionary.
EnumerationOperationMessageTypeEnum Defines constants that specify the message type included in a schema event. The type can be used to filter out, for example, error messages.
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