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EntityDescriptor Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by EntityDescriptor.

Public Fields
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)InstanceThe single instance of the EntityDescriptor class.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAggregateDescription Gets the aggregate description.  
Public PropertyApplicationRoleDescription Gets the application role description.  
Public PropertyAssemblyDescription Gets the assembly description.  
Public PropertyAsymmetricKeyDescription Gets the asymmetric key description.  
Public PropertyBrokerContractDescription Gets the broker contract description.  
Public PropertyBrokerMessageTypeDescription Gets the broker message type description.  
Public PropertyBrokerPriorityDescription Gets the broker priority description.  
Public PropertyBrokerQueueDescription Gets the broker queue description.  
Public PropertyBrokerRemoteServiceBindingDescription Gets the broker remote service binding description.  
Public PropertyBrokerRouteDescription Gets the broker route description.  
Public PropertyBrokerServiceDescription Gets the broker service description.  
Public PropertyCertificateDescription Gets the certificate description.  
Public PropertyCheckConstraintDescription Gets the check constraint description.  
Public PropertyClrDataTypeDescription Gets the CLR data type description.  
Public PropertyColumnDescription Gets the column description.  
Public PropertyColumnEncryptionKeyDescription Gets the description of a column encryption key.  
Public PropertyColumnMasterKeyDescription Gets the description of a column master key.  
Public PropertyDatabaseDescription Gets the database description.  
Public PropertyDatabaseRoleDescription Gets the database role description.  
Public PropertyDatabaseTriggerDescription Gets the database trigger description.  
Public PropertyDataFileDescription Gets the data file description.  
Public PropertyDefaultConstraintDescription Gets the default constraint description.  
Public PropertyDefaultDescription Gets the default description.  
Public PropertyDescriptions Gets the dictionary of the entity descriptions.  
Public PropertyEdgeConstraintDescription Gets the description of an edge constraint.  
Public PropertyExtendedPropertyDescription Gets the extended property description.  
Public PropertyFileGroupDescription Gets the filegroup description.  
Public PropertyForeignKeyDescription Gets the foreign key description.  
Public PropertyFullTextCatalogDescription Gets the full-text catalog description.  
Public PropertyFullTextIndexDescription Gets the full-text index description.  
Public PropertyFullTextStopListDescription Gets the full-text stop list description.  
Public PropertyIndexDescription Gets the index description.  
Public PropertyLogFileDescription Gets the log file description.  
Public PropertyMemoryTableDescription Gets the description of a memory table.  
Public PropertyPartitionFunctionDescription Gets the partition function description.  
Public PropertyPartitionSchemeDescription Gets the partition scheme description.  
Public PropertyPermissionDescription Gets the permission description.  
Public PropertyPrimaryKeyDescription Gets the primary key description.  
Public PropertyRuleDescription Gets the rule description.  
Public PropertySchemaDescription Gets the schema description.  
Public PropertySearchPropertyListDescription Gets the search property list description.  
Public PropertySecurityPolicyDescription Gets the description of a security policy  
Public PropertySequenceDescription Gets the sequence description.  
Public PropertySpatialIndexDescription Gets the spatial index description.  
Public PropertyStatisticDescription Gets the statistic description.  
Public PropertyStoredProcedureDescription Gets the stored procedure description.  
Public PropertySymmetricKeyDescription Gets the symmetric key description.  
Public PropertySynonymDescription Gets the synonym description.  
Public PropertyTableDescription Gets the table description.  
Public PropertyTriggerDescription Gets the trigger description.  
Public PropertyUniqueConstraintDescription Gets the unique constraint description.  
Public PropertyUserDefinedDataTypeDescription Gets the user-defined table type description.  
Public PropertyUserDefinedFunctionDescription Gets the user-defined function description.  
Public PropertyUserDefinedTableTypeDescription Gets the user-defined table type description.  
Public PropertyUserDescription Gets the user description.  
Public PropertyViewDescription Gets the view description.  
Public PropertyXmlIndexDescription Gets the xml index description.  
Public PropertyXmlSchemaCollectionDescription Gets the xml schema collection description.  
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