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EntityFilterManager Class

Provides access to the entity filters.
Object Model
EntityFilterManager Class
Public NotInheritable Class EntityFilterManager 
public sealed class EntityFilterManager 
public __gc __sealed class EntityFilterManager 
The EntityFilterManager is the entry point for entity filters in the database. An entity filter is created for a specific object type and registered in the Filters collection.

When you create the EntityFilterManager, you can specify the type of exclusion for database objects in relation to dependencies as follows.

The default exclusion type is EntityFilterExclusionTypeEnum.ExcludeAlways.

Entity filters are supported on almost all database objects with a few exceptions. To check whether a specific object type can be filtered, use the method IsEntityTypeSupported.

Once the filters are created and registered in the EntityFilterManager object, set the schema compare property SqlSchemaCompare.EntityFilterManager before the starting comparison.

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