xSQL Schema Compare SDK for SQL Server version 12
xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.Filter Namespace
Inheritance Hierarchy
ClassEntityFilter Represents an entity filter that is used to exclude database objects based on some predefined criteria.
ClassEntityFilterCollection Represents a collection of EntityFilter elements.
ClassEntityFilterCondition Represents a filter condition.
ClassEntityFilterConditionCollection Represents a collection of EntityFilterCondition elements.
ClassEntityFilterGroup Represents a group of filter conditions combined with an operator.
ClassEntityFilterGroupCollection Represents a collection of EntityFilterGroup elements.
ClassEntityFilterManager Provides access to the entity filters.
ClassEntityNameFilterCondition Represents a filter condition that is evaluated against the name of an object.
ClassEntitySchemaFilterCondition Represents a filter condition that is evaluated against the schema of an object.
InterfaceIEntityFilterEvaluator The interface that is implemented by an entity filter object.
EnumerationEntityFilterConditionTypeEnum Defines the condition types for an entity filter.
EnumerationEntityFilterExclusionTypeEnum Defines constants that determine the type of exclusion in relation to dependencies that should be applied by entity filters in the database.
EnumerationEntityFilterOperatorEnum Defines the operators for an entity filter.
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