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SqlClrProcedure Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by SqlClrProcedure.

Public Constructors
Public ConstructorSqlClrProcedure ConstructorInitializes a new instance of the SqlClrProcedure with the specified id, schema, name and database.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyAssemblyName Gets or sets the .NET assembly that contains the procedure.  
Public PropertyClassName Gets or sets the class on which the procedure is defined.  
Public PropertyExecutionContext Gets or sets the procedure execution context. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.ProcedureBase)
Public PropertyExecutionPrincipal Gets or sets the execution principal. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.ProcedureBase)
Public PropertyFullName Gets the full name of the entity formatted as schema.name. If the entity has no schema, only the name is returned. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.Core.Entity)
Public PropertyFullNameDelimited Gets the delimited full name for the entity formatted as [schema].[name]. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.SqlEntity)
Public PropertyFullyQualifyingName Gets the fully-qualifying name for the entity. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.SqlEntity)
Public PropertyFullyQualifyingNameDelimited Gets the fully-qualifying name for the entity with delimiters. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.SqlEntity)
Public PropertyId Gets or sets a unique id for the entity. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.Core.Entity)
Public PropertyMethod Gets or sets the procedure method.  
Public PropertyName Gets or sets the name of the entity. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.Core.Entity)
Public PropertyParameters Gets the collection of parameters. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.ProcedureBase)
Public PropertyParent Gets the parent entity of this entity. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.Core.Entity)
Public PropertySchema Gets or set the entity schema. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.Core.Entity)
Public PropertySqlDatabaseGets the SqlEntity.SqlDatabase to which the entity belongs. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.SqlEntity)
Public PropertySqlEntityType Gets the type of the entity. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.SqlScriptableEntity)
Public PropertySqlExtendedProperties Gets the collection of extended properties that belong to the procedure. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.ProcedureBase)
Public PropertySqlPermissions Gets the collection of permissions assigned to the procedure. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.ProcedureBase)
Public Methods
Public MethodEqualsOverloaded. Returns true if this instance of the SqlScriptableEntity class is equal to the other object, which should also be an instance of SqlScriptableEntity class. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.SqlScriptableEntity)
Public MethodGetScript Returns the T-SQL script for this entity with the specified scripting options. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.SqlServer.SqlScriptableEntity)
Public MethodToString Returns the full name of the entity. (Inherited from xSQL.Schema.Core.Entity)
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