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SqlPublicSettings Class Members
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The following tables list the members exposed by SqlPublicSettings.

Public Fields
Public FieldAPP_NAME  
Public Fieldstatic (Shared in Visual Basic)InstanceGets the single instance of the SqlPublicSettings class.  
Public Properties
Public PropertyBatchDelimiter Gets or sets the batch delimiter for SQL Server scripts. The default value is: GO  
Public PropertyCommandTimeout Gets or sets the default timeout for a SQL Server command.  
Public PropertyConnectionTimeout Gets or sets the default timeout for a SQL Server connection.  
Public PropertyDefaultLogFolder Gets the default log folder.  
Public PropertyGenerateDynamicDataStatementOnRebuild Gets or sets the value that indicates how the data transfer is performed by the table rebuild script. If true, the data transfer if performed via a dynamic script in the form: "EXECUTE (data_transfer_statement)" .  
Public PropertyHashAlgorithm Gets or sets the hash algorithm. The default algorithm is SHA256.  
Public PropertyIncludeSystemDatabases Indicates whether the system databases should be included in the comparison.  
Public PropertyLogFolderThe same as the property UserLogFolder.  
Public PropertyPacketSize Gets or sets the packet size for a SQL Server connection.  
Public PropertyPooledConnection Gets or sets the pooling property for a SQL Server connection.  
Public PropertyProtocol Gets or sets the protocol for a SQL Server connection.  
Public PropertySchemaShouldHonorDatabaseCompatibility Gets or sets the value that indicates whether schema should honor the database compatibility level.  
Public PropertyScriptingShouldHonorDatabaseCompatibility Gets or sets the value that indicates whether the scripting module should honor database compatibility level.  
Public PropertyUsePropertyEqualityToFlagStatus This property supports the internal structure of the API and it is not intended for public use.  
Public PropertyUserLogFolderGets or sets a custom folder to be used for the error log and the execution logs. If not set, the logs are created in the default location, returned by the property DefaultLogFolder.  
Public Methods
Public MethodGetDefaultSettings Returns default settings.  
Public MethodGetErrorLogFile Returns the filename of the error log.  
Public MethodGetExecutionLogFile Returns the filename of the execution log.  
Public MethodGetLogFolder Returns the folder where the log files are saved.  
Public MethodGetProductFolder Returns the default product folder.  
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